Do you know, that tree, the tree that we have been looking for all day? It said so many things when I put it in the frame of a small house, frame of a small house from a white painted metal. Beside cracking and fracturing land that we had, I can’t think other additional element like what I thought before. It already said everything.

A tree growing in an unfinished house. What else I have to think about? The question and its question become so clear. A tree growing inside a house. A house, my dear, after all is a place where we go home, even though it is an unfinished house.

Can you see it, when a small tree I put inside our unfinished house? Does it like storing a strong effort to survive? By seeing it, I remember and believe in the strength of human. I believe that humans had the capability to accept and adapt themselves to condition. Like the hint said by strong fiber of that small tree trunk. Like green grains greet the sun and surrender their color to the leaves.

Stand beside me to see our tree. Therefore we can hold each other hands, and we will see the small tree inside our unfinished house expand itself to become the Earth, become the ground we come from and the ground we come back to.

The tree seems to be so alone. Alone supporting this place where we live together. Let the tree grow there, maybe it will teach us about faith. Faith for not easily giving up. The tree reminds us with important things, which seems insignificant, forgotten, eliminated. It hails to us the great efforts that run alone. Whispering to us to see the land that we had been ignoring, to the cracking and fracturing land that we owned. Admonishing us to care.