What exactly causing ordinary people, ordinary citizen, to show their body language like the police, army or soldier? What exactly makes them look so heroic and seem not to care about anything else? What makes them likes to yell? Until now I do not know the real cause. I only know that I do not feel proud of them. No matter how manly, how dauntless they look. I was annoyed. I do not like it.

Everyday I got more irritated. There is always something about their act that my logic could not accept. What for actually they do all that? They like to strike other if they don’t like it, shout around if they don’t understand. They are vicious. They love to play with gun, wood, machete, sword, pole and fist. I was annoyed.

Titarubi | “Brocade’s Platoon” | Resin, brocade, lamp, vynil, plywood, aluminium | 1767 x 360 x 178 cm (each, 30 pcs) | 2007

Now I can’t hold my irritation. I make them lined up like a platoon of soldiers, 30 in numbers. I make them naked. Their penises like the tip of a helpless gun. I make them wore American soldiers boots at their feet, the Wesco Combat model. They look like Hollywood action heroes. I wrapped them one by one with colorful brocade fabrics. How corny!

I made it like this because I feel like they are trying too hard to show “the body of real man” which is generally accepted. They want to be macho, manly, strong, assertive, disciplined, masculine, to lead, to manage and to rule.

Now, I wrapped them with woman’s cloth, brocade fabrics, the cloth that I think had turned its original function: from covering to exposing. And after they were naked, I expose them once again. I make the inside of their statues empty, scrape their flesh, down to the skin. They are only empty cans making a loud sound, a hollow body with bright skin.

That’s it. That’s all my annoyance at them.