In this work, I am those bodies. The bodies that really try to stretch their hands as far as they can, until the hand seems to be so long. Until the tip of the hand line seems to form the wave. Gone all the feet, although seems to climb a narrow long bridge with nothing to hold, like walking slowly, avoiding the blinding light. I am those bodies, bodies without support that has to keep walking, has to climb the narrow bridge without anything to hold, ending with a quiet abyss.

Titarubi | “The Silence Sound of War #1” | Stoneware, wood, lamp | 30 x 20 x 380 cm | 2002

I am those bodies that had to eliminate their gender, staying away from the blinding light. As if the light ready to devour and burn. If you see it from the ravine direction, you will only see a black line, dark bodies stretching their hands to form the wave.

Titarubi | “The Silence Sound of War #2” | Stoneware, wood, lamp | 70 x 20 x 380 cm | 2002

Even though the bodies lined up, from small and slowly bigger, I think you would realize that the bodies were actually a body. A body with two choices, being devour by the light and burned or fall into a quiet abyss. Both choices end with a single aim, on nonexistence.


She, the body, is a body vanish into absence. I am that body. She that did not exist.